Sunday, October 11, 2015

Be Happy

Dear Colorado B2, San Francisco B1 & Los Angeles A2;

Happiness is something people have been following all thorough their lives. So Could you share your opinions on what makes you happy after watching the video?

I'm looking forward to reading your inspirational comments. Please try to explain yourself as clear as possible in at least 5 sentences. Definitely I highlight it.'' No grammatical mistake will be checked. Expressing yourself is much more important.''

You can access the video here

Deadline for the assignment: 16.10.2015/  23:59

Have a nice week


  1. Hi! Firstly thanks a lot for blog. I think, this blog will be benefit for your students. I tracked video two days ago and i liked a lot. Because video's topic is very good. So be happy... =)
    Furthermore my favorite sentences:
    Follow your heart
    Pamper yourself
    Help others
    Get in touch with nature
    Read books
    Be open to new ideas
    Love your Mother Earth
    Be true to yourself :))

  2. Dear my teacher and my friends,

    blog and video for thanks,

    * family
    *my Works
    *ı like living
    *myself :)
    *ı like to people helping
    *ı like suprise
    *ı like everything about

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  4. Hi Teacher ! Thank you for this wonderful benefit video.

    It makes me think about ''being human''. Nowadays it's hard to be.

    Helping others, getting in touch with nature, doing exercise, being open to new ideas these are several things what makes me happy.

    Thank you again my dear teacher.
    Best Regards :)

  5. Hello everyone.

    Being human contains these all. I believe in humanity loves all of them to do. But i just see, nowadays these are the things that people aren't doing. They all focus on negative things and make self and other people sad and thoughtful. I wish for all people to be a good human, for all humanity. Life is short and we have to live while enjoying, helping and teaching without selfish.

    One day we will die like everyone else, but i think the most important thing is left something good behind us, for our future.

    Have a nice life :)

  6. Hello everybody.

    I think that all people must do something to be happy. if people want to be happy, they must do their favorite sometings.For example:People can make follow your heart and read books and help others to be happy.
    if I follow my heart, I am very happy. Because I have done these things give me pleasure. help others makes to be happy to me.

  7. Hi everyone!

    This wonderful a video..

    Cemal Sürayya who is the best author says "the life is short, the birds are flying"

    I think this sentences have to be deep meaning. I remember this sentences all of my life. When I watched the video, I flash backed.

    If you wonder my opinion , this things make me happy ;

    -Helping others
    -Get in touch with nature
    -Reading books
    -Spend time with family
    -Eating :)
    -A good night's sleep

    Thank you for your wonderful share my teacher ..

    See you Sunday ..